Specialist Fast Road and Track

Precision Wheel Alignment

Have your vehicle set up for optimum handling on the latest generation of precision wheel alignment equipment.

Hunter_Hawkeye_Alignment_system_Orbit_TyresWe use the Hunter Hawkeye TD Elite Imaging Alignment system to set your car with extreme accuracy.

The Hunter Hawkeye is industry leading, record breaking alignment equipment as used by all of the premium car manufacturers as well as many race teams and chassis tuners.

The most important part of getting the best from any chassis is a matching set of decent quality tyres and properly set up suspension geometry. Until you have driven your vehicle in this state you haven’t really driven it. This is key to drivability, predictability and neutral handling.

We offer a choice of performance focused fast road/track settings and will precision adjust all elements of the cars alignment to a tolerance of a single arc minute. This means making sure that camber, caster and toe are set equally for both sides and not just in the ‘green zone’. We will talk to you on the day to find out what kind of driving you do and help you to decide which combination of settings best suit you and your car.

We can carry out vehicle setup with driver weight ballast at your request. This is especially important if you mostly drive ‘one up’.

We can determine fast road and track settings for any vehicle, limited by its adjustability, call or email for advice.

Our performance orientated wheel alignments go much further than using the factory tolerances. We will align your vehicle to exact specifications ensuring perfect cross vehicle balance. Most factory settings give tolerances of up to 1 degree, we use tolerances of just 1 arc minute (1/60 of a degree)!

We may be limited by the maximum range of one element of adjustment and would use this as the starting point. We would then customise the settings for the rest of the alignment from this maxxed out adjustment point. Due to this we cannot garuantee that we can get a particular camber or caster setting, it will be limited by the adjuster that reaches its maximum adjustment at the lowest/highest camber/caster angle. This is normally the case with vehicles lowered by more than 100mm.

DSC_9291_exposureWe can also determine custom ‘road only’ settings that can combat the mild left hand pull caused by road camber. This involves setting cross axle camber & caster differences to effectively lean your vehicle towards the natural camber of most roads. This can eliminate the pull caused by the camber of the road and maximise tyre life. This type of setup does not suit cars regularly used on track, for fast road driving or used for regular long motorway journeys as on a totally flat road surface will cause a mild pull to the right.

We will carry out a play/movement test on the vehicle suspension before beginning the wheel alignment to ensure we are not aligning a car with suspension play issues. If there is excess play or movement in any of the ball joints, links or bushes they should be corrected before carrying out alignment. We advise that your fuel tank is half full but this is not essential. If you have less than half a tank we can add ballast to emulate this.

Pricing is dependant on you make and model of car, please call or email for advice.

A colour before and after printed report is always supplied.

We can also set ride height, at extra charge, on cars with ride height adjustable shock absorbers. This is done using the Hunter Ride Height Targets and a printout for this is included too. Please ensure you have any ride height adjustment tools (c spanners) that were supplied with your shocks. We have a selection of these but they are sometimes unique to different makes of shock kit.

If your car has badly seized or damaged adjusters there may be a small additional labour charge to correct this. We will discuss this at the time if relevant.