Air Conditioning R134a & R1234yf

We have ATA certified F-Gas refrigerant handlers who are trained and licensed to service the air conditioning system on your vehicle. 

Our workshop caters for both R134 and the newer R1234 refrigerant gasses. R134 has been common place since around 1995 but is being replaced by the newer R1234 gas. The new gas can be found in vehicles from as early as 2013. All new vehicles type approved from 2017 must have this new air conditioning refrigerant gas. The newer gas requires a separate air conditioning machine. This is because the old R134 and new R1234 air conditioning gases cannot be mixed. Both of these gas types require servicing every two to three years. Call us now to arrange your air conditioning service. 

We also have advanced diagnostic skills and equipment to assist us in diagnosing air conditioning system faults. Leaks, pressure switch or compressor faults as well as control unit issues can all affect your air conditioning or climate control system. If you have a problem with your air conditioning or climate control, or just require routine system servicing then give us a call.